Get Involved

We love hard and support one another.

In a society where many are shallowly “connected” yet deeply lonely, we are invested in creating real community. We cultivate a physical space where all are are wanted, seen and loved, not just welcomed. Antioch is where everyone can find a place.

we are building a place where every heart can rest and have true relationship with God and others.


We would love for you to join any of connect groups –  simply check out the listing, choose one of interest, and sign up today.


Grow with us

Life is about growth. Start your spiritual growth journey at Antioch with our 3-week growth sequence. These courses capture the heartbeat and essence our ministry, grow in faith, discover your purpose, and get involved at Antioch.

For your convenience, sessions are accessible online. Live sessions are held on Sundays after our 10:30 am service.  Classes are held every week in person and online & you can jump in at anytime.

STEP 1 - Connect

STEP 2 - Grow

STEP 3 - Impact

Let us know you are coming!



We are called to be influencers

At Antioch, we shift culture.
We leave legacy.
We fight for what’s right.
We do good.
We are divinely empowered makers, creators and action-takers, working together to make the earth look a little more like heaven everyday.

Make an impact with us!