About us

Every soul is longing for only 3 simple things


With God and with others.


Increase in strength and ability.


To have meaning and leave a mark.

We create a dynamic spiritual environment where those core needs can be met.

We believe that when every soul is in loving community with others, is spiritually mature and leaves a visible “soulprint” on the culture, God is pleased, lives are saved, and the world is changed for the better.

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Here, we are family

A tribe. We love hard and support one another. In a society where many are shallowly “connected,” yet deeply lonely, we are invested in creating real community. We cultivate a physical space where all are welcomed, wanted, seen, and loved. Antioch is where all can find a place.


As humans we are designed to grow.

At Antioch, we believe that every person at any level has the potential to do more, learn more, and be more of who God calls them to be. So we teach and challenge, fall and nurture, go deep and ask the big questions - even when it's messy - to make sure that our spirits are strong, thriving, and constantly rising to new heights.


We are called to be influencers.

With Christ as our model and His mission as our mandate, we are fiercely impact driven, determined to leave a Godly imprint on our homes, our city, and our world. At Antioch, we shift culture. We leave legacy. We fight for what’s right. We do good. We are divinely empowered makers, creators and action-takers, working together to make the earth look a little more like heaven everyday.

Our Culture Code

Conviction over Compromise • Faith over Fear • Relationship over Rigidity • Bridges over Boxes • Foundation over Fads • Collaboration over Control

Pastor Wayne Chaney

Pastor  Wayne Chaney, Jr., affectionately known as Pastor Wayne, is the prototypical contemporary spiritual leader.  His relevant teaching style and ability to cultivate spirited worship environments, aids in unifying  people from diverse, cultural, ethnic, and generational backgrounds. Born into a three generation long spiritual lineage, he continues the legacy left by his grandfather, Joe Chaney, Jr., through his work as pastor of Antioch Church of Long Beach. However, Pastor Wayne’s ministry extends beyond the congregation. His determination to influence societal culture, with the culture of Christ’s kingdom, is evident in his work both inside and outside of the local church context.




Pastor Wayne is the visionary behind the creation of the Long Beach Gospel Fest, the city’s premier gospel experience. This event brings over 20,000 people from diverse backgrounds, together to worship, pray, and be inspired.

He has served on the Executive Board of Global Tribe International, whose mission is to rescue those in physical and spiritual poverty, reach communities with the gospel, and recruit and empower young leaders. He is also the past president of the Long Beach Ministers Alliance, and continues to serve as a mentor and friend to many leaders across the region and the globe.

Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr.  has been the recipient of various awards and commendations. He has received congressional, senatorial, and presidential recognitions, and is noted in various publications. Pastor Wayne was featured on the cover of Church Executive Magazine, and for two consecutive years, the Long Beach Post named him one of its “Ten Most Powerful People.” Pastor Wayne has received the City’s Martin Luther King Jr. Peacemaker Award, and continues to steward a decades long legacy of civic engagement.

As an intellectually curious individual, Pastor Wayne has committed himself to remaining a lifelong learner. He has studied at Morehouse College,  Luther Rice University, Fuller Seminary, Claremont School of Theology, and is currently in doctoral studies at Duke University’s Divinity School.

Pastor Chaney was a cast member of Oxygen’s hit television series Preachers of LA. On the show, Pastor Chaney, along with his three beautiful children: Wayne III, Reign, and Cadence, shared their ministry and lives with the world. Pastor Chaney has also appeared on Extra, Access Hollywood, Showbiz Tonight, The Arsenio Hall Show, The Real, Insider, Boris and Nicole, Lift Every Voice, and News One Now with Roland Martin.

Pastor Wayne found success amongst the radio audience of Stevie Wonder’s KJLH 102.3 FM. His weekly show “Real Life” gained popularity because of its ability to address life’s most perplexing issues.

In 2016, Pastor Chaney published Your Miraculous Potential: Maximizing God’s Creativity, Power and Direction.  In this book, he places in the hands of his readers the tools to clearly hear and understand the voice of God, and discover God’s divine purpose for their lives.

Pastor Wayne Chaney Jr. has never been satisfied with the status quo, so whatever the platform; he is determined to impact culture, create positive change, and lovingly work to advance the cause of Christ and His Kingdom.